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Energy Control Systems, Inc. has been serving the natural gas industry with a wide variety of fabricated piping products since 1973. Under the watchful eye of the Royston family since its inception, ECSI has expanded its product line to include a vast assortment of commonly used meter bracketing systems, pipeline markers, test stations and cathodic protection anodes, in addition to a host of specialty items produced to exacting customer specifications.

Energy Control Systems is fortunate to have a dedicated, diverse group of manufacturing, design and customer service personnel who, collectively, have more than 100 years of gas industry experience. Over the years our capabilities have grown significantly. We proudly offer extensive metal stamping, forming, welding and general fabricating services as well as custom powder coating. The combination
of these services places ECSI in a unique niche among gas industry suppliers.

We listen to our customers and develop customized products to fit their needs.

Gas Meter Brackets - Transition Fittings - Anodeless Service Risers

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The ECSI Advantage
Gas Meter Brackets
PE Transition Fittings
Underground Pipeline Markers & Utility Markers
Anodeless Service Risers
Magnesium Anode Drive In Rods
The ECSI Advantage

Our years of manufacturing for the gas industry and our experience with metal stamping, forming and fabrication enable us to provide quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Gas Meter Brackets

We specialize in manufacturing meter brackets and supports including adjustable, or fixed, sidings and driven post supports.

PE Transition Fittings

We offer a wide range of threaded and welded end transition fittings in MDPE and HDPE materials to accommodate most gas line connections.

Underground Pipeline Markers

Our underground pipeline markers offer high visibility and are made from high density polyethylene to offer long term durability.

Anodeless Service Risers

Our risers are pressure tested and meet DOT requirements and are available in sizes from 1/2" CTS through 4" IPS sizes in pre-bent, preformed, flexible or hybrid styles.

Magnesium Drive-In Anodes

Available in seven sizes and styles from 1/2 lb. to 3 lbs., Our "Husky" Drive-in Magnesium Anode Rods provide easy, reliable, cathodic protect of natural gas service lines.

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